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IBUC 2009 12th International Blaise Users Conference

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 Papers listed by Presentation Subject

Uses of Blaise  [4 papers]
CAPI system developments   [4 papers]
Data Quality  [3 papers]
Blaise in Organizations  [4 papers]
Blaise team presents
Blaise team presents 
Event history applications  [4 papers]
Authoring in Blaise  [4 papers]
Applications and supporting tools [4 papers]
Poster session  [3 presentations]

Session 1: Uses of Blaise

Converting to Blaise 4.8 for CATI and CAWI Surveys
Leonard Hart and Scott Reid, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Abstract Paper Presentation

Using Blaise 4.8 for Census Coverage Measurement
Roberto V. Picha, U.S. Census Bureau, USA
Abstract Paper Presentation

Using the Blaise Component Pack for All StagesĀ of Data Collection
Lilia Filippenko, Roger Osborn, Vorapranee (Mai) Wickelgren, & Venkat Yetukuri, RTI International, USA
Abstract Paper Presentation

BLAISE in Macedonia-Census of agriculture 2007 (not presented)
Liljana Taseva, Mira Deleva, State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia
Abstract Paper  

Session 2: CAPI system developments

Quality assurance through Computer Audio- Recorded Interviewing (CARI)
Chris Seymour, Statistics New Zealand
  Paper Presentation

Case Management System Based on Wireless Telecommunications
Vesa Kuusela, Toni Räikkönen and Kai Vikki, Statistics Finland
Abstract Paper Presentation

Development of Survey and Case Management facilities for organisations with minimal survey infrastructure
Fred Wensing, Softscape Solutions, Australia
Abstract Paper Presentation

CAPI system at Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Karlis Zeila, Norberts Talers, Pavel Onufrijevs, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Paper Presentation

Session 3: Data Quality

Minimizing the errors in the questionnaire and monitoring the survey process
Kimin Kim, Korea Labor Institute
Abstract Paper Presentation

Macro-selection and micro-editing: a prototype 
Wim Hacking, Statistics Netherlands
Abstract Paper Presentation

The Three-Legged Stool Is Now a Four-Legged Chair: Specification Guidelines for Blaise Survey Instruments
James R. Hagerman, Jody L. Dougherty, and Sue Ellen Hansen, The University of Michigan
Abstract Paper Presentation

Session 4: Blaise in Organizations

The Effects of Relocation on Blaise Support in O.N.S.
Lucy Fletcher, Office for National Statistics
  Paper Presentation

Evaluating the use of questions and responses in a large national dietary data collection instrument
Lois Steinfeldt, Jaswinder Anand, Ellen Anderson, and John Clemens, Agricultural Research  Service, USA
Abstract Paper  

Different Methods of Working with Blaise® in the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
Shifra Har and Evgenia Luskin, Israel Central Bureau of Statistics
Abstract Paper Presentation

BlaiseIS at Statistics Netherlands
Gerrit de Bolster, Statistiscs Netherlands
Abstract Paper Presentation

Session 5 and 6: Blaise team presents

Lon's personal top 5 (Lon Hofman) Presentation

Internet Survey Versioning (Hugo Elbers)
Internet Group Editor (Ralph Dolmans)

Using 4.8.1 Datalink (Arno Rouschen) Presentation

Computer Assisted Recorded Interviewing (Peter Golsteijn) Presentation

Blaise NG (Roger Linssen) Presentation

Session 7: Event history applications

The Use of Metadata in the Design of a Customizable .NET Event History Calendar
Daniel Moshinsky, Mecene Desormice, Seth Benson-Flannery; U.S. Census Bureau
Abstract Paper Presentation

Development and Programming of an Employment Event History Calendar in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics
April Beaulé, Mary Dascola  and Youhong Liu, The University of Michigan
Abstract Paper Presentation

Time Use Diary Data Capture System built in Blaise and Maniplus
Fred Wensing, Softscape Solutions, Australia
Abstract Paper Presentation

Paradata and Blaise
Jim O'Reilly, Westat
Abstract Paper Presentation

Session 8: Authoring in Blaise

A Systematic Approach to Debugging in the Blaise Environment:  An Author's Perspective
Peter Sparks, The University of Michigan
Abstract Paper Presentation

Unduplication of Listing Data
Michael K. Mangiapane, U.S. Census Bureau
Abstract Paper Presentation

An End-to-End Solution for Using Unicode with Blaise to Support Any Language
Alerk Amin (CentERdata, The Netherlands), Richard Boreham (National Center for Social Research, England), Maurice Martens (CentERdata, The Netherlands), Colin Miceli (National Center for Social Research, England)
Abstract Paper Presentation

Managing Translations for Blaise Questionnaires
Maurice Martens, Alerk Amin & Corrie Vis (CentERdata, The Netherlands)
Abstract Paper Presentation

Session 9: Applications and supporting tools

Moving to a Centralized Database for Surveys in Blaise at the National Agricultural Statistics Service
Roger Schou, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA
Abstract Paper Presentation

Blaise Editing Rules + Relational Data Storage = Best of Both Worlds?
Richard Frey and Mike Rhoads, Westat
Abstract Paper Presentation

Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System, Version 3 (MQDS-V3)
Karl Dinkelmann, Nicole Kirgis, Gina-Qian Cheung, University of Michigan
Abstract Paper Presentation

Tracking And Rotation – The Next Steps
Jo Edwards, Office for National Statistics
Abstract Paper Presentation

Poster session

Some Techniques In Blaise Data Editing
Rob Groeneveld, Statistics Netherlands
Abstract Paper

Presenting Answers in Random Order; A generic approach for presenting enumeration answers in random order in the Blaise Data Entry Program.
Marien Lina, Division of Business Statistics, Statistics Netherlands
Abstract Paper

Mixed Mode Sample Management System development process
Gina-Qian Cheung, The University of Michigan