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IBUC 2016 17th International Blaise Users Conference

Preconference day


Session 1: Introduction to Blaise 5

Session 2: Conversion, Manipula and CATI

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Session 3: Layout

Session 4: Server Park Basics, Deployment and Login




Session 5: Blaise 5 Technologies

Session 6: (Architecture, Server Management, Security, Audit Trail, Session Data, Data/.bdix, APIs, PowerShell, Customizing DEP)





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Papers listed by Presentation Subject

Plenary Session 1

by Bert Kroese – Deputy Director General of Statistics Netherlands

Keynote address
by Jim Smith – CEO of Westat, USA

Plenary Session 2

Blaise 5.2
by Roger Linssen - Statistics Netherlands

Blaise 5: Is Worth the Wait
by Mark M Pierzchala, USA
Paper Presentation

Colectica and Blaise
by Dan Smith & Jeremy Iverson – Colectica, USA

Poster session

The Blaise 5 Champion Instrument Suite
Mark M Pierzchala, MMP Survey Services, LLC, United States
Paper Presentation

Blaise5 Regression Testing
Arthur van den Berg, Statistics Netherlands

Blaise Security Improvements
Robert Beisicht, Statistics Netherlands

Wim Hacking, Statistics Netherlands

Presentation Session 1 – Modern Data Collection with Blaise 5

Phoenix – Towards Modern Data Collection Systems and Processes
by Joost Huurman –  Statistics Netherlands

Experiences with Colectica
by Felix Coleman – CSO, Ireland
Paper Presentation

Blaise 5 at Statistics Norway
by Trond Båshus – Statistics Norway
Paper Presentation

Converting a CATI Instrument from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5 for Pilot Testing
by Emily Caron & Vito Wagner – National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA & Kathleen O'Reagan – Westat, USA
Paper Presentation

Presentation Presentation Session 2 – Blaise 4 and Blaise 5

Chitwan Valley Family Study Household Registry Paper to Computer Exercise 
by Karl Dinkelmann & Stephanie Chardoul – University of Michigan/SRC, US, & Bishnu Adhikari – Institute for Social and Environmental Research, Nepal
Paper Presentation

Blaise Instrument Extensions with Alien Routers and Manipula
by Lilia Filippenko, Chris Carson, Orin Day & Mai Nguyen – RTI International, USA
Paper Presentation

Statistical Surveys in Households and by Individuals in Slovakia - the Use of Blaise 4 / Blaise 5
by  Ľudmila Hadová & Danica Tureková – Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Paper Presentation

Dep Unlimited: Solving Complex Runtime Problems with Manipula
by Rick Dulaney & Peter Stegehuis – Westat, USA
Paper Presentation

Transition of a Blaise 4 Web Survey to Blaise 5
by Bryan Bungardt – Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Plenary Session 3

Keynote address
"The Ever Changing Landscape of Survey Data Collection" 
by Jelke Bethlehem, the Netherlands. Jelke is the former head of Blaise,
currently Professor in Survey Methodology at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University (with a focus on online data collection) 
Paper Presentation

Methodology: The ultimate design for Collection on mobile devices
by Jeldrik Bakker – Statistics Netherlands and Utrecht University
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 3 – Tablets and Devices

Blaise on Touch-Screen Tablets
by Matthieu Olivier & Alexandre Chevallier – Centre de Données Socio Politiques (CDSP), France
Paper Presentation

From CPI to CPIX
by Gerrit de Bolster – Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Converting a Blaise 4.8 Survey Instrument for Tablet Use
by Michelle Keniry, Caroline Donegan & Conor MacDomhnaill – CSO, Ireland
Paper Presentation

Capturing Signatures Electronically from a Blaise Instrument
by Todd Flannery & Ed Dolbow – Westat, USA
Paper Presentation

A Web Compatible Dep
by Maurice Martens – CentERdata, The Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Converting a Paper Collection Exercise to Collecting Data on a Tablet
by Mike Hart – Office for National Statistics, UK
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 4 – Why Paradata is essential

Using Survey Paradata
by Gina Cheung, Andrew Piskoworski, Lisa Wood & Hueichun Peng – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

The Uses of Blaise Audit Trail Files at Statistics Canada
by Éric Joyal – Statistics Canada
Paper Presentation

Capturing Survey Client-side Paradata
by Hueichun Peng & Jason Ostergren – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

Paradata Transform and Report
by Lisa Wood, Andrew Piskoworski & Jennie Williams – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

Using Audit Trail Data to move from a Black Box to a Transparent Data Collection Process
by Jacqueline Hunt – CSO, Ireland
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 5 – Blaise 5

Introducing Device Sensor Data in Surveys
by Ole Mussmann, Jeldrik Bakker, Jacqueline van Beuningen, Barry Schouten & Rob Warmerdam – Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Blaise 5 Development at University of Michigan
by Youhong Liu & Max Malhotra – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

Running Blaise 5 Instrument as a "Stand-alone" Environment
by Roberto Picha & Mecene Desormice – US Census Bureau, USA
Paper Presentation

Experiences with Blaise 5 Layouts and Templates
by Sharon Johnson, Richard Squires & Michael Johnson  – US Census Bureau, USA
Paper Presentation

From Blaise 4 to 5: Systems in Transition
by Leif Bochis Madsen – Statistics Denmark
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 6 – Blaise 5 Data Handling

Blaise 5 Data In/Data Out
by Andrew Piskoworski – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

Data-Out Experience/Challenges in Blaise 5
by Mohammad Mushtaq & April Beaule – University of Michigan/SRC, USA
Paper Presentation

Census Setup with Blaise 5 Manipula
by Michael K Mangiapane, Roberto Picha & Mecene Desormice – US Census Bureau, USA
Paper Presentation

Adventures of a Blaise 5 API Jockey
by Rod Furey – Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation