INTERNATIONAL BLAISE USER GROUP an independent organization open to all Blaise users from around the world

IBUC 2018 18th International Blaise Users Conference

Preconference Session, October 22, 2018

During the preconference session the following presentations were given:

1a - Apps: “Be smart”
1b - Maniplus, part 1 & 2: “Accept or Cancel”
1c - Layout Basic: “Applying a house style to your survey”
2a - CATI: “Call me, maybe”
2b - Custom WPF apps: “Adding custom functionality for the WPF Dep”
2c - Accessibility: “Make things accessible”
2d - Custom MVC apps: “Adding custom functionality for browsers”
3a - Multimode (CAWI/CATI): “Switching modes”
3b - Layout Advanced: “Creating your house style”
3c - Security: “Lock up when you go”
3d - Harmless Changes: “Change is coming”
4a - How Blaise 5 is Tested: “Ready! Test! Go!”
4b - New features in Blaise 5.4/5.5: “Look what we’ve got!”



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Papers listed by Presentation Subject

Plenary Session

Opening Remarks
by Gina Cheung, IBUC Chair, University of Michigan

by Jim Smith, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Westat

Blaise and Blaise 5
by Bert Kroese, Deputy Director General and CIO Statistics Netherlands/CBS and Harry Wijnhoven, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy CIO Statistics Netherlands/CBS and CEO Blaise

Presentation Session 1: Current Blaise 4 Uses, and Moving to Blaise 5

Challenges While Converting from Blaise 4 to 5
by Joost Huurman, Statistics Netherlands

Migrating from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5 - The AHS experience
by Roberto Picha and Richard J. Squires Jr., U.S. Census Bureau

Using Blaise 5 for CAPI
by Rick Dulaney and Boris Allan, Westat

Rolling Out Blaise 5 – An Interesting Journey
by R. Suresh, Keith Bajura, Matt Boyce, Emily Caron, Lilia Filippenko, Preethi Jayaram, Patty LeBaron, Joe Nofziger, Jean Robinson, Gil Rodriguez and Vorapranee Wickelgren, RTI International

Presentation Session 2: Accessibility and Testing

Developing Accessible Blaise Surveys
by Karen Brenner and Richard Frey, Westat
Paper Presentation

Enhancing Blaise 4 Surveys for JAWS Screen Reader Compatibility
by Mecene Desormice, Michael Mangiapane, Erin Slyne and Richard J. Squires Jr., U.S. Census Bureau
Paper Presentation

A Process for Blaise Data Emulation for Complex Instruments
by Todd Flannery, Ed Dolbow and Curtis Cooper, Westat
Paper Presentation

An Approach to Unit Testing
by Rod Furey, Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 3: Multimode and Survey Management

Experiences with Blaise 5 CATI and Multimode at Statistics Norway
by Jan Haslund and Trond Båshus, Statistics Norway
Paper Presentation

Implementing a Blaise 5 Mixed-Mode Solution
by David Kinnear, Office for National Statistics, UK
Paper Presentation

Blaise 5 with RTI's Integrated Field Management System on Field Interviewer Laptops
by Lilia Filippenko, Preethi Jayaram, Joe Nofziger, Brandon Peele and R. Suresh, RTI International
Paper Presentation

Conducting Offline Blaise 5 Surveys in a Distributed Environment
by Marsha Skoman, University of Michigan

Presentation Session 4

Blaise 5 Multimode Management – A Report by the BCLUB Multimode Management Group
by Mark Pierzchala, MMP Survey Services
Paper Presentation

Conference Keynote

Blending Designed and Harvested Data: What do we need to do?
by Dr. Robert M. Groves, Provost, Georgetown University

Blaise Team Presents

by Blaise Team, Statistics Netherlands

Presentation Session 5: Screen Design Part 1

Some Uses of Roles in Blaise 5
by Boris Allan, Westat
Paper Presentation

Web Screen Presentation Using Blaise 5
by Michelle Amsbary, Rick Dulaney, Justin Kamens, Westat and Joelle Michaels, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Paper Presentation

Developing Organization Level Screen Layout and Design Guidelines for Blaise 5
by Karl Dinkelmann, Shane Empie, Rebecca Gatward, Lisa Holland and Andrew Hupp, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

Using Blaise 5 in CAWI
by Rogier Hellenbrand, Statistics Netherlands
Paper Presentation

Implementation of Blaise 5 Web Questionnaires into an Existing Business Survey Management System
by Leif Bochis Madsen, Statistics Denmark
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 6: Transitioning an Established Longitudinal Study to Blaise 5 and to a Mixed Mode Design:
A Case Study using the Health and Retirement Study

Introduction to this session Presentation

1. Background and overview
by Rebecca Gatward, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

2. Technical Design and Implementation
by James A. Rodgers, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

3. Converting the survey to mixed mode data collection
by Rebecca Gatward, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

4. Blaise 4.8 to Blaise 5 specification conversion
by Rhonda Ash, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

5. Example one - Converting rosters from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5
by Jason Ostergren, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

6. Example two – The Word List: a Blaise conversion challenge
by Rhymney Weidner, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

7. Designing and implementing a web component
by Andrew L. Hupp, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

8. Adapting the sample management system to Blaise 5
by Marsha Skoman, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

9. Data processing and data delivery
by Laura D.Yoder, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 7: Screen Design Part 2 – Mobile

Designing the Questionnaire of Tomorrow: Current Best Practices and Future Goals
by Jeldrik Bakker and Marcel van der Steen, Statistics Netherlands

Using Blaise 5 to Solve Multimode and Multi-Device Challenges
by Kathleen O’Reagan and Nikki Brown
Paper Presentation

Features Used in CAWI Questionnaires
by Bryan Bungardt, Statistics Netherlands

Mobile Usability on Household Survey on Blaise 5
by Petri Godenhjelm, Pyry Keinonen and Anna Niemela, Statistics Finland
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 8: Surveys, Data and Training

Surveys with Sensors: The Future of Data Collection?
by Ole Mussmann and Marcel van der Steen, Statistics Netherlands and Barry Schouten, Statistics Netherlands and Utrecht University
Paper Presentation

Transforming Survey Paradata
by Laura Yoder, Andrew Piskorowski and Mark Simonson, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

A Different Approach to Blaise Remarks
by Peter Stegehuis, Westat
Paper Presentation

Script Writer - The Compilation of Script Generation
by Max Malhotra, University of Michigan
Paper Presentation

Presentation Session 9: New Features in Blaise Collectica Questionnaires

New Features in Blaise Colectica Questionnaires
by Jeremy Iverson and Dan Smith, Colectica
Paper Presentation