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IBUC 2020 19th International Blaise Users Conference

Virtual IBUC 2020

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  • Plenary Session

    Opening Remarks by IBUG Chair
    by Gina Cheung, University of Michigan

    Original IBUC 2020 Cyprus sponsor
    by Costas Diamantides, Cystat

    Welcome by Statistics Netherlands
    by Harry Wijnhoven, Member of the Board of Directors and CEO Blaise & Bert Kroese, Deputy Director General

    Presentation Session 1

    The co-existence of Blaise 4 and Blaise 5 in CYSTAT
    by Niki Chrysostomou, CYSTAT
    Paper Presentation

    Converting Social Survey Blaise 4 questionnaires to Blaise 5; The Challenges of multilingual questionnaires and challenging collection environments
    by Andy Watson & Steve Maurice, ONS
    Paper Presentation

    Continued Adventures Transitioning from Blaise 4 to 5
    by Vito Wagner, US NASS
    Paper Presentation

    PAPI to Blaise 5 – Challenges and Solutions in Creating Complex Tables
    by Emily Caron, RTI International
    Paper Presentation

    Using Expressions in Blaise 5
    by Nikki Brown, Westat
    Paper Presentation

    Presentation Session 2

    Using the Resource Database to control web security
    by Peter Stegehuis, Westat
    Paper Presentation

    Blaise 5 Scaling Experience
    by Mangal Subramanian, Westat
    Paper Presentation

    Using the Resource Database to adapt to session timeouts
    by Boris Allan, Westat
    Paper Presentation

    Managing a complex scenario for the collection of business report forms
    by Leif Bochis Madsen, Statistics Denmark
    Paper Presentation

    Evolution of Blaise Survey development in Statistics Finland
    by Joonas Salmi, Statistics Finland
    Paper Presentation

    Presentation Session 3: Team Blaise Presentations, Part 1

    New Features
    by Roger Linssen, Statistics Netherlands

    by Loek Rouschen, Statistics Netherlands

    by Lon Hofman, Statistics Netherlands
    Paper Presentation

    Presentation Session 4: Team Blaise Presentations, Part 2

    by Tessa Carati. Statistics Netherlands

    by Angelo Pascale. Statistics Netherlands
    Paper Presentation

    by Jeremy Iverson & Dan Smith, Collectica
    Paper Presentation

    Presentation Session 5

    Blaise 5 CAPI in collaboration with COTS software
    by Rogier Hellenbrand, Statistics Netherlands
    Paper Presentation

    DIM-Device Instrument Manager
    by Max Malhotra, University of Michigan
    Paper Presentation

    Data Collection Management Systems in Statistics Finland
    by Pyry Keinonen, Statistics Finland
    Paper Presentation

    Choréo – The Blaise 5 Multimode Management System
    by Mark M Pierzchala, MMP Survey Services, LLC
    Paper Presentation

    Blaise 5 in SHARE
    by Maurice Martens, Tilburg University
    Paper Presentation

    Towards a modern mixed-mode Labor Force Survey
    by Trond Båshus, Statistics Norway
    Paper Presentation

    Presentation Session 6

    Using Field Properties to Assist Editors
    by Peter Kilpatrick & Chuck Less, US NASS
    Paper Presentation

    Field Properties Values: A Tool to Identify and Adjust Missing Data from 'Relation' Extraction
    by Mohammad Mushtaq, University of Michigan
    Paper Presentation

    Using Respondent Centred Design to Transform Social Surveys at the ONS
    by Alexandra Buckley, ONS
    Paper Presentation

    Michigan Questionnaire Documentation System MQDS5
    by Sarah Broumand, University of Michigan
    Paper Presentation Download as ppsx

    Proof of concept questionnaire design for social research: challenges and opportunities of a smartphone first approach
    by Jeldrik Bakker, Statistics Netherlands
    Abstract Presentation

    The power of Blaise Analytics: An example of predicting break-off behavior
    by Jeldrik Bakker, Statistics Netherlands
    Abstract Presentation

    Presentation Session 7: Team Blaise Presentation, Part 3

    Performance Testing
    by Hugo Elbers, Statistics Netherlands

    by Bas Huijts, Statistics Netherlands

    Custom MVC Apps
    by Stijn Bollen

    Presentation Session 8: Team Blaise Presentation, Part 4

    CATI Management
    by Tim Carati, Statistics Netherlands

    Tip & Tricks
    by Ralph Dolmans, Statistics Netherlands