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IBUC 1998 5th International Blaise Users Conference

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proceedings 1998

Experience of the Norwegian CAI-system
Hilde Degerdal, Statistics Norway

What interviewers think about Blaise III?
Vesa Kuusela, Statistics Finland

The Health Survey for England -- Preserving consistency over multiple data sources
Sven Sjödin, SCPR (UK)

Exploring Data Collection by the Internet
Hans Wings and Ger Snijkers, Statistics Netherlands

The Models4 System: Simplifying data management in Blaise 4 Windows
Boris Allan, Westat (USA)

Imputation with Blaise and Manipula
Jelke Bethlehem and Lon Hofman, Statistics Netherlands

Diary and Office Processing : Integrating Blaise with other facilities
Michael DeMamiel and Fred Wensing, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Producing an error-free CAI instrument -- Is it possible?
Maureen Kelly, Office for National Statistics (UK)

Blaise III: Changing the data model after implementation
Pavle Kozjek and Marko Sluga, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

TADEQ: A Tool for Analysing and Documenting Electronic Questionnaires
Jelke Bethlehem and Tony Manners, Statistics Netherlands and Office for National Statistics (UK)

Redesign Labour Force Survey: Statistics Netherlands 1998
Marien Lina, Statistics Netherlands

The 1997 Census of Agriculture Experience at NASS
Roger Schou and Asa Manning, National Agricultural Statistics Service (USA)

The 1997 U.S. Residential Energy Consumption Survey' s Editing Experience Using BLAISE III
Joelle Davis and Nancy L. Leach, Energy Information Administration (USA)

Using Blaise in a survey organisation where the researchers write the Blaise datamodels
Tony Manners, Office for National Statistics (UK)