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IBUC 2000 6th International Blaise Users Conference

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proceedings 2000

Using Blaise to Automate the Clerical edit and Telephone follow-up component of the American Community Survey
Barbara Diskin, US Census Bureau

Central and local survey administration through communicating data systems
Thomas Hoel, Statistics Norway

Survey Management for the United Enterprise Statistics Program at Statistics Canada
Armin Braslins, Statistics Canada

Monitoring CATI Enumerators
Asa Manning, Leonard Hart, NASS

Use of CAPI instrument in a blind test of the UK 2001 Census form
Lucy Haselden, ONS

Developing a Blaise insrument for the Spanish Bladder Cancer Survey
Richard Frey, Westat

Using Blaise in a Nationwide Food Consumption Survey
Lois Steinfeldt, US Department of Agriculture

Challenges in developing a Longitudinal Survey on Income Dynamics
Brett Martin, Statistics New Zealand

Data Collection in Two Phase and Multi Centre Health Survey
Vesa Kuusela, Statistics Finland

Internet Assisted Coding
Sylvia von Wrisberg, Bavarian State Bureau

Blaise Internet Services put to the test:Websurfing the Construction Industry
Hans Wings and Marko Roos, CBS

The use XML in a Blaise environment
Jeike Bthlehem, Lon Hofman, CBS

The Internet, Blaise and a representative sample
Dirk Sikkel, Adriaan Hoogendoom, Bas Weerman

Audit Trails or How to Display Arabic Text in Blaise
Leif Bochis, Statistics Denmark

Blais generator for High speed data entry applications
Pavle Kozjek, Statistics Slovenia

ManiTabs: Making tabulations in Ms-EXCEL with Manipula
Tjeerd Jellema

Blaise and API - Paper Not Available at Present
Steve Anderson, ONS

Around Blaise Surveys at Statistics Netherlands
Marien Lina, CBS

Blaise in European Community Household Panel of Statistics Italy
Alessandra Sorrentino, ISTA

The Process of Making a new CAI operation in Statistics Norway
Hilde Degerdal, Statistics Norway

Five years experience with CAI and Blaise
Fred Wensing, ABS

Configuration Management and Advanced testing methods for large, complex Blaise instruments
Steven Newman & Peter Steghuis, Westat

Whatever Happened to our data model?
Sven Sjodin, National Centre for Social Research

What users want from a tool for Analysing and documenting electronic Questionnaires: The user requirement for the TADEQ Project
Maureen Kelly, ONS

Converting Blaise 2.5 to Blaise4Windows
John O'Connor, Jacqueline Hunt, CSO

NASS Conversion to Blaise4Windows with a Visual Basic Interface
Tony Dorn, Roger Schou

Helping non-programmers to specify a Blaise Questionnaire
Mark Pierzchala, Graham Farrant, National Centre for Social Research & Westat

Development and evaluation of screen desigh standards for Blaise for Windows - Paper Not Available at Present
Mick Cooper

From DOS to Windows
Diane Bushnell, ONS

The TADEQ Project, state of affairs
Jelke Bethlehem, CBS

Displaying a Complete Call History to Interviewers
Linda Anderson, Iowa State University

Central and Loval Survey Administration through communicating data systems
Philippe Meunier, Insee